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About us

MILIEU is a well-established consulting firm specializing in environmental studies. Over the years, MILIEU has acquired extensive expertise on the behavior and fate of downstream and upstream migratory fish at and in the vicinity of hydroelectric projects and dams.

MILIEU is a dynamic firm recognized for its scientific rigor, its quest for the utmost work quality, and its efficient and timely accomplishment of targeted objectives. MILIEU has gathered a team of outstanding biologists that together provide knowledge, skills, and creativity. They are at the heart of the success of the studies and projects undertaken by the company. MILIEU is sensitive to the client’s needs and expectations and we prioritize to conduct the mandate entrusted to us most efficiently while promoting communication and exchange of ideas between concerned parties.

Our vision

Our vision is to define innovative strategies for our clients combining our experiences, our technologies and our capacity for adaptation.

Flexibility is Milieu Inc's strongest asset, as it allows the company to keep on delivering better, more personalized services to its clients.

Environmental issues are increasingly taken into account in political, institutionnal and industrial circles. The protection of species at risk is now viewed as a sine qua non condition for development.

Since 1993, Milieu offers specialized consulting services for studies of migratory fish species. The company's strong scientific rigour, deliverables quality and numerous innovations has allowed its clients to fully optimize their efforts at environmental protection. In addition, Milieu Inc's track record and credibility boosts manager confidence they will obtain solid results.

Our team
Denis Desrochers, President
Denis Desrochers

Denis, president of Milieu and Senior Biologist, has been the Project Manager for all the eel studies conducted by MILIEU since 1994. Denis has a solid experience in analysing and addressing the challenges that migratory fish face when confronted to dams in water systems. Since 1989, he has been responsible for the supervision, data analysis, and reporting of most studies performed for Hydro-Québec at the Beauharnois, Mitis 1 and Rivière-des-Prairies Power Dams, and at the Chambly Dam. For over 10 years, he has been leading, among others, large and medium scale studies performed for the New York Power Authority. His extensive background and experience allow him to successfully lead studies, to maintain excellent relations with the parties involved, always striving for scientific work of exceptional quality. His areas of expertise are performing studies of upstream and downstream fish passages at hydroelectric projects, freshwater fish biology, fishways and bypass structures, migration and reproduction habitat studies of fish populations, environmental assessments and monitoring, radio-telemetry and hydroacoustic, data acquisition, analysis systems, and electronic eel counters.

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