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Fish Migration Infrastructure at the Vianney-Legendre Dam

  • Project Years 2002-2008
  • Client Parks Canada
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MILIEU was given the mandate by Parks Canada to design, construct, and install an eel ladder at the Saint-Ours Dam located on the Richelieu River. MILIEU monitored the passage of eels at the the eel ladder for three years. Furthermore, MILIEU worked at the new multi-species facility to optimize its operation.
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Design and Construction of a Seasonal Lamprey Barrier

  • Project Years 2008-2014
  • Client U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Website
MILIEU managed the design, construction, and installation of a flow-through screen barrier on the Morpions Stream. The previously unimpeded Morpions Stream provides a large spawning and rearing habitat for Sea Lampreys, who have a sizable impact on the Lake Champlain ecosystem.
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Smolt survival at the Mitis Dam, Quebec

The survival of smolts going through the Mitis-1 Power Dam was assessed by MILIEU. The smolts were tagged, released into the turbine and collected downstream.

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Lake Sturgeon reproduction in western Lake St. Louis

The Lake Sturgeon is a closely watched species because of its precarious status and its historical importance to the commercial fishing industry. MILIEU conducted a study to determine if the west of Lake St. Louis was used by sturgeon as a spawning ground.
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Lake trout reproduction in Cabot Lake

In 2015, MILIEU installed scanning sonars in Cabot Lake in order to detect spawning Lake Trout.
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